Packaging and product design

Brand identity, functionality and aesthetics.

Effective product and packaging design must meet a set of requirements from consumers who are increasingly more attentive to the sensory and emotional gratification they expect whenever they purchase and use consumer goods.

The DUe team endeavor to meet the needs of its customers and their consumers by highlighting the features and functions of the product, as well as the personality and identity of the brand. Their skills and the originality of their ideas combine to create stand out designs. A solid design generates sales: that’s your competitive advantage.



DUe develops successful packaging able to improve your product’s performance in the marketplace while increasing visibility and brand awareness through an in-depth analysis of the marketplace and the competition, consumer and creativity studies, and rigorous development processes.

  • New packaging development.
  • Package restyling.
  • Label design.


By using only eco-friendly materials and inks we reduce the impact that packaging has on the environment. Factors such as shape, size and assembly technologies are analyzed in order to improve production efficiencies and transportation costs.

  • Structural design.
  • 3D design.
  • Industrial design.


We develop the name, create the logo, implement the structural design and graphics, carry out coordinated product lines all in harmony with the overall placement of the brand.

  • Limited editions.
  • Line-extension design.
  • Packaging design line.


During the development phase we create mock-ups that enable us to test various features and aspects of the project. With Computer Assisted Design and prototyping we are able to set up aesthetic models to quickly assess production feasibility and consumer opinion.

  • Model building.
  • Prototype creation.
  • Evaluation of materials.
  • Evaluation of printing technologies.
  • Evaluation of production technologies.
  • Consultancy production technologies.
  • Focus group support.