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Designing a new brand image

Fontanara: Between renewal and tradition

For Fontanara DUe created a new image concept for the Borgoliva line, dedicated specifically to their range of top quality extra virgin olive oils. The new range represents products of the highest caliber, which are the fruits of a labor of love from the harvest to processing. DUe’s concept emphasizes the passion and knowledge behind Fontanara’s products by leveraging the evocative power of signs to express, with only a bare minimum of elements, the intensity of the product and the elegance of the new brand image. By launching a new bottle design we were able to create an overall design with a double meaning at its heart: a renewal of tradition tied to essential elegance.

The Borgoliva graphic design evokes a stylized dynamic shape resembling the letter Q. This distinguishing mark takes on the most important role of the overall Borgoliva image, as it strikes the eye first with a simplicity that’s easy to remember. New color combinations were developed to complete the reimaging project, along with a selection of materials and finishes that create a powerful sensory experience and distinctive personality.

Activities: Brand values and personality, Brand expression, Brand architecture, Logo design, Label design, Exhibition design.

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