From logo to full brand identity.

design marchio vino

Brand Identity

Strategic design to renew the image of a wine cellar

0 Grafica infanzia

Brand Identity

Branding and design early childhood

0 Alta logo design

Brand Identity

How to enhance offer's uniqueness

Ripamonti Bakery 600x600

Ripamonti Bakery

Branding and retail design

Zan Corporate identity

Zanardelli catering

Brand design and visual identity

SIW Identity

Selected Italian Wine

Brand identity. Logo design.

FDB designlogo


Corporate identity, packaging design and web design.

Preludio logo


Brand identity. New brand and the various communication tools.

Gpa Logo600x600


Brand design. DUe has designed a new image able to fully express the potential and synergy of the group while conveying the values, goals and expertise of its affiliated companies.



Website Redesign.

identity loptex


Design and communication. Project institutional arrangements, brochures, video and website to enhance the corporate image in the world.

packaging fontanara 4


Food packaging. DUe created a new image for Fontanara’s Borgoliva line, its range of highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

identity cdu 1

Image and visual identity

CDU chose to strengthen and consolidate its image and visual identity in order to support leadership.

CDU Identity


Image and visual identity. Stand design

identity t generation


Talent generation logo design project. The concept is based on variations of a symbol with modern graphics used to identify the various divisions of the business.

identity fluidomatic 2


Visual identity. Logo redesign and stationary.

identity egtech


The design of a new identity for Eg Tech, including the logo, forms, brochures and website.

identity assisimosaic

Assisi Mosaic

New logo developed for Assisi Mosaic. The concept was introduced at an international competition.

identity magic kinder

Magic Kinder

Research project for the Magic Kinder brand.

collateral santerno 2


Corporate identity design guidelines.

identity santerno


Corporate branding. Stationary design.

identity web ciccolella


Corporate identity and visual design system

identity ciccolella


Brand identity. Stationary design.