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Graphics, design and brand identity communication.

DUe is a creative agency which offers graphic design services and strategic design consultancy for your brand. We design state of the art product solutions and communication tools by developing brand-driven projects with total respect for the values, identity and tradition of the companies we serve.

Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of creative experts and professionals from a wide range of fields able to offer flexible, tailored solutions for companies looking to explore new marketplace opportunities or remodel their image and the placement of their products and services.


Colorful toy packaging

Geomag launched the new line of magnetic construction toys KOR . The new packaging highlight the product color and the infinite possibilities of creating new characters and playmates with few elements.

Milano wine show

FDB presents a new selection of Custoza white wines. DUe for the occasion designed the corporate image, the company logo the packaging and various communication tools.

packaging pellet

The new family of products "Geminati Pellets" has attracted particular interest from the distribution that has shown, in addition to the quality of Italian products, the packaging design as a differentiating and rewarding medium.

Santerno graphic interface

Hydrofast is the new service that collects real-time measurements of the inverter-pump unit. DUe has developed the new GUI design and design of the website to make the data always available with a click.