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Business-to-business communication tools

Loptex. A design for communicating innovation

Loptex is an Italian company specialized in the production of machinery that monitors and intercepts contaminants discovered during cotton harvesting. Unfortunately, Loptex’s visual identity and corporate image was not able to portray the distinctive features of the company. Moreover, since the company had no effective communication tools at its disposal it was unprepared to compete effectively in the marketplace. Amongst Loptex’s most prominent qualities is its dedication to innovation backed by sophisticated technical expertise in the field.

Our goal in the design of a new visual identity focused naturally on a few technical elements comprised of symbols and icons which make it easy to express the virtues of the product. The choice of using harmony and motion graphics allowed us to communicate a complex product simply and effectively.

Activities: Naming, Visual identity, In-house Publishing, Motion graphics, Environmental design, Web design.

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