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Brand identity and design for the luxury Made in Italy

New brand development for Preludio

Preludio is a business born of an original idea: the Capri sandal. This handmade product is typically Italian. The novelty stems from an original new business model that calls for a product made of quality materials in tailor made packaging aimed at the demanding cruise ship customer market. The challenge of quality design lies in celebrating a product’s values ​​and features in order to enhance its simplicity and timeless elegance.

Elegance and tradition have forever been the driving forces behind the development of the brand that continues to express the themes of solidity and quality. The portrayal of a marble sculpted female figure in the logo reinforces the idea of a classic, timeless product, one which is always in fashion and unconcerned with passing fads. By employing sophisticated colors such as blue and gray we were able to highlight the product’s beauty in photographs.

Activities: Logo design, Web design, Graphic catalogue for iPad, Brand book, Art direction.

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