Wine label design

Ideas and design labels for the wine and oil

The agency creates new ideas and designs for wine labels in Italy. Our team of designers and professionals create the visual positioning and the brand image for existing companies and new line of products, for national or international markets. We have developed labels for Franciacorta wine in Lombardy, for Custoza Veneto, Abruzzo Montepulciano and Nero D'Avola in Sicily.
These are some regions where we have created concepts and unique consistent images for wine and olive oil. The label communicates visually the first perception and reflects the quality of the wine, the company's philosophy and the peculiarities of the territory, enhancing typical Italian features.


The package of services that the agency offers is not limited to the design of the label, capsule or package in general, but includes everything necessary to obtain a desired positioning to the selected target. From the naming to the design of the logo, we take care of all the communication tools; from the design of brochures, catalogs, to the creation of the exhibition stand, from the design and implementation of the website to the advertising campaign. Our team is responsible for developing product strategies, wine marketing and distribution, promotion and communication tools.




Product strategies and wine marketing

In the wine world is hard to meet the needs and demands of the consumers. Production time does not allow a rapid response to trends and customer requirements and for this reason it is vital to plan every innovation with care. Starting from the product, the wine should be considered as an ambassador of a territory, of particular varieties, each with peculiarities and extraordinary narrative power.

Wine packaging

Packaging suggests an image of quality of the wine before tasting it. The shape of the bottle is the first indicator of quality, the design of the label, the most important element, influences the consumer in addition to notify on features and law