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Sponsorships and packaging line design

Pata: The Valtenino Rossi VR46 packaging line

A passion for motor racing has led to Pata’s sponsorship of Valentino Rossi's Moto GP campaign. A new product line was launched under the VR46 masthead to bring Pata’s top quality products to the market. To conjure the right design in a co-branding campaign we had to focus on aspects such as the values and semantics that underlie the two brand identities. The yellow/black color scheme and sporting attitude combine in a dynamic graphic design with sharp, sleek lines that clearly express the symbolic vocabulary of motor racing.

The color contrast and chromatic power lend a unique shelf identity to the Pata VR46 product line. Not only did the DUe team design the packaging in its various formats, we also developed the design system guidelines necessary to coordinate the overall packaging design as well as the communication tools which enhance the product at point of sale.

Activities: Packaging design, Design system and guidelines, Point of purchase design tools, Brochures and product spec sheets, Graphic advertisments and billboarding.

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