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Geomag Kor: Building a new brand

By taking advantage of its business acumen and know-how in the field Geomagworld SA came up with a new system of magnetic toy figurines in 2012 with the aim of creating some distance between itself and its competitors in that sector of the toy industry. DUe worked alongside Geomag Kor with the express goal of creating a new brand better able to express the sales potential of its new product.

Our work focused on the intricacies of the toy’s new construction system: a "heart" of metal that magnetically attracts various other modular components so that it can be shaped in virtually any way. From the approach to the name and concept of the brand, the end result were design and packaging graphics that highlight the constructive aspects and evocative power of the figurines, which when posed in fantastic scenarios become new heroes for kids.

Activities: New brand line development, Naming and naming schemes, Logo design, Visual identity, Product line packaging design, Packaging design, Point-of-purchase design tools.

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