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Graphics and packaging for large-scale distribution

The Pata line of snacks is a hit thanks to an innovative packaging concept

Attentive to the latest trends in business-to-business and business-to-customer, especially in terms of greater investment in packaging design in the name of effective communication and persuasion, Pata’s packaging design is based on the key elements that clearly communicate brand personality and customer benefits. The design takes into account the product’s uniqueness, personality and attractiveness while the graphic elements of the Artisan Potato Chips enhances the quality of the product incorporating retouched photographs which make the product seem even more delicious.

The packaging itself was treated with a texture that simulates traditional bakery paper which conveys the advantage of an oven cooked product. The well-defined brand personality is a quality guarantee that the company wishes to highlight through its celebrity chef endorsements. The revolutionary airy crispiness of the product is represented in a modern and appealing graphic.

Activities: Lettering design, Packaging line design, Packaging product design, Visual merchandising, Point of purchase display systems, Graphic advertisement and billboards.

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