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Gdo: packaging redesign

Tanti' New packaging

Tanti’ began with an idea of simply collecting the basic ingredients of farinata and putting them in a bag. Thanks to the joint efforts of Tanti’ and chef Andrea Mainardi they were able to revitalize this little known but delicious local product by casting it in a modern light. The new features revolve around the elongated structure of the packaging redesign. All the ingredients are now better contained and ideally presented in an orderly manner. The new packaging size puts the product front and center, which the chef can now display as the cornerstone of the dish.

From the appearance of both the food and the chef to the benefit to the consumer, everything was taken into consideration in order to establish a chromatic harmony, able to enhance the naturalness and quality of the Tanti’ brand and increase the customer appeal. The design of the Tanti’ logo was the finishing touch providing a new stronger, potent and memorable identity thanks to the simplicity and cleanliness of the new lettering.

Activities: logo redesign, Web design, Packaging design, Art direction, Web design, Press promotion.

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