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Consulting firm brand identity and communication

GPA Group: ICT solutions

The GPA Group, a consulting firm that designs and implements ICT services and solutions, was aware of a need to gather the values, goals and expertise of the companies within the group and combine them into a single image in order to better express the group’s power and synergy.
As a team we focused on defining the strengths and personality of the company as a whole.

The new pay off is called, “connecting minds”. It emphasizes a distinctive feature of GPA which, thanks to its structured processes and optimization of human capital, is able to leverage the individual companies within the group to improve overall performance. This message is conveyed in the form of a corporate video prominently displayed on the home page of GPA’s new website.
The warm tone and confident poise of the design were combined with a technical flair to guide the graphic design of their site

Activities: Logo redesign, Creating the ‘pay off’ (brand line), Visual identity, Web design, Corporate video.

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