Communication tools and visual merchandising

Eir: Investing in the territory

Intred’s new telecommunication brand is entitled ‘Eir’. Targeted technical and structural investment have allowed the company’s marketing team to raise public awareness in numerous areas of interest. This has strengthened the core message of the campaign "Internet di casa nostra." Alongside the communications department we developed a new youth-oriented communication concept. To that end we created new graphics to highlight the company's public outreach and its penetration in the market it serves.

By capturing and reintegrating the company’s images we were able to harness the new design elements to support the existing communication campaign. The key visual element comprises a set of well-known monuments graphically represented in vivid colors in complete harmony with the logo. The brand has gained greater visibility and penetration in its partner stores, bringing valuable attention to Eir’s range of products and services.

Activities: Concept generation, Graphic design tools, Brochure graphics.

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